Beauty of Science

Beauty of Science is a company which was founded in 2010 to create innovative solutions for cosmetology.

It is made up by people who have been in cosmetic and medical branch for several years. The inspiration for BofS is dynamically developing in terms of technology cosmetic and medical branch. We specialize in computer diagnostic devices. We use modern research methods thanks to technological progress.

Following the times Beauty of Science gives solutions aimed at using science for beauty’s sake.

Wojciech Pyzik
CEO of Beauty of Science

Co-creator of Nati skin analyzer, CEO of Beauty of Science

Przemysław Niedbalski-Pawłowski
Product Manager in Beauty of Science

Co-creator of Nati skin analyzer, Product Manager in Beauty of Science.

Research and Development

Research and development department of Beauty of Science takes care of development and improvement of diagnostic devices from the very foundation of the company.

It consists of dermatologists, cosmetologists, IT specialists who carry out research and assert the results. Currently B&R department is working on improving project and creating new solutions for cosmetic and medical branch.
The second important role of the department is carrying out research on people at various age brackets concerning the influence of numerous agents on skin – living in big cities, care effects, optimizing the selection of cosmetics, examination of sebum level, desquamation, moisturizing, care habits and their results.

Dr n. med. Danuta Nowicka
specialist in dermatology

Works for Clinical Hospital of Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology in Wrocław, lecturer at University College of Physiotherapy in Wrocław, cosmetology course. She owns aesthetic dermatology practice. Author of textbooks for cosmetology students: „Dermatology for Cosmetology Students” (ed. Górnicki 2007) and „Seborrheic Skin Diseases. Cosmetic Treatment Procedures” (ed. KosMeD 2011).

Anna Marcjasz

Cosmetologist from 16 years of experience in cosmetic professional, trainer and developer of the Arkana brand.

dr Arkadiusz Konieczny

co-creator of Nati skin analyzer, the owner of Aesthetic Medicine Centre in Świebodzice,

Ewa Pyzik
Product Manager in Beauty of Science

Export Manager in Beauty of Science